Let a Realtor help you sell your home

Most people who sell their homes in Toronto do so with the assistance of Real Estate Brokers. Of those that try to do it themselves, most change their minds and end up going with a real estate professional, because the process is too complex, too time consuming, and too dangerous without the help of a professional. Working with a licensed professional to sell your home, someone who is a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board, entitles you to an exceptionally broad range of services and benefits unavailable to do-it-yourselfers.

Take the time to interview your candidates

It’s important to meet with different agents to determine which one is the right one for the job. This provides you the opportunity to ask a number of questions about the services he or she offers. If you are selling, find out how the property is priced, how it will be marketed and what the fees are. If you are buying, ask the agents you are interviewing how well they know the areas you are interested in and what the process will entail.

Get a second opinion

Once you have narrowed down your search, request a few references. Like any job interview, references are an important part in determining which agent is right for you. Most will be more than happy to provide the names of a few buyers and sellers they have worked with. It will be worth your time to follow-up with them.

Team up with someone you like!

Buying or selling a house can be a worrisome process. Working with an individual that you get along with and trust can make the process far more enjoyable. Your broker is someone you may be spending a lot of time with and revealing potentially sensitive information to, so getting along with her is key.

Location, location…

One of the most important considerations when choosing a broker is to ensure that they have a good knowledge of the neighbourhood in Toronto that you are selling or buying in. Determining price and understanding the nuances of different neighbourhoods are part of the value your Real Estate Broker is adding to the buying or selling process. A well-connected local agent will have access to information that may not be readily available online. This can create a competitive advantage for clients.

I often run into people who don’t feel it’s necessary to have a real estate agent sell their home. While I appreciate their willingness and admire their determination to take on the task themselves, I also let them know that I have one tool – my secret weapon – that has been developing over years, but it has proven to sell more homes than anything else.

Just what is my secret weapon? My database of names. Over the years I’ve been active in the market, I’ve amassed an extensive list of people who know I sell real estate. This allows me to know who’s looking to buy and who’s looking to sell. If we can’t find a buyer for your home, I pull out my secret weapon and start calling everyone on that list. I ask them if they know of anyone looking to buy today and who might want to buy next week. This strategy works – I’ve found many buyers for homes just like yours using this method.

If this approach makes sense for you, call or email me today. We can set up a time to meet and I can then provide you with everything you need to know to be an informed homeowner.